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What Kids Have to Say...

Artwork by Diana Sudyka


"The first thing that caught my attention was the wolf on the cover. When I look for books, I don’t find many with wolves an even if I do the wolf would represent someone from the dark side of the story or a werewolf, but unlike most books, your wolf is a protagonist. It’s hard to find books like that and that is one of the things that makes your book so special.

My favorite thing about this book is the theme; your story is your own. ““Why not” he parried, to hide his distress. “Why can’t someone rewrite them?”” The story revolves around a witch who controls others by making up stories, telling others what they’re like and what they’re going to be like. This is sometimes happens at places like schools. Kids gossip and make up stories about other kids, making them believe it’s true. The two main characters, Martin and Magia, break free of the lies and choose to write their own story. This is what people need to do in real life when others try to write their story for them."

---I couldn't agree more. Thank you for reading The Wolf Hour with such a keen eye and an open heart. Perhaps you are a very good wolf yourself? P.S. And, yes, please...always live your OWN story.




I just read your book Operation Yes for school. I love it; it's so good! I would love to write my own novel someday. Where do you get your ideas from, and how long did it take you to write Operation Yes?

----Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, and that you came here to tell me. I don't check this board as often as I should, so I apologize if you've waited forever for my reply. (I hope you didn't wait as long as it took me to write Operation Yes---about a year.)  The idea for Operation Yes came from my own life as part of a military family; I'm sure your life has lots of interesting angles, too. And YES, please do write your own novel. Start now. Writing takes lots and lots of practice, so don't give up.

I loved Operation Yes. My dad is in the military, and I've felt exactly the same as the kids in Room 208. You described Base and AF life perfectly.Thank-you writing a book that totally hits home.

---Thank you. That's lovely to hear from a reader who knows base and AF life. I'd love to hear your stories one day too.


I loved the book! I forced my dad to read it when I was finished. It inspired me to create a plan A, even if I ended up using plan B!


---Thank you, and I hope your dad enjoyed it too. I just made a new plan for my next book. Writing, like life, is that way---planning, revising, more planning, more revising. Best of luck in your Plans A-Z!




Thanks for coming to our school's play of Letters to Rapunzel!!! IT MEANT SO MUCH! I know that what we performed didn't even TOUCH what you wrote, but we tried! THANK YOU!

---You guys were awesome. Amazing. Inspiring. Adapting a book to the stage is something most people never attempt. But you guys ROCKED IT.

"I always answer my mail."