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The Wolf Hour

The Wolf Hour brings together a wolf, three pigs, a witch, and a headstrong girl in a story, and Stories, you've never seen before but will recognize deep within. It's gorgeously written, fiendishly clever, and full of heart to balance out its brain -- a perfect middle-grade read for fans of fairy tales and fierce storytelling.


Operation Yes

"Operation Yes is filled with riches: caring, loving parents, a multileveled portrait of what it is like to live in a military family, sympathetic and well-developed characters, sorrows, laughter, growing up, and thousands of LGMs (you'll see). Contemporary realistic juvenile fiction of the highest order." ---Provo Library Review


Letters From Rapunzel

Once upon a time, there was a real girl whose head was full of fairy tales.  When her beloved father falls under an Evil Spell,  she's determined to save him. But first, she has to get out of Homework Club...and that means writing letter after letter...even if no one ever seems to write back...